Friday, September 02, 2005

So this week we hear that Sudan's oil industry is worth a cool $9 billion a year.

While the United Nations is still appealing to the rich donor counries for about half of its Sudan budget, and Darfur funding for the NGOs is certainly becoming unpopular now that the crisis is entering it's third year I thought someone might eventually make the novel suggestion that the Sudanese goverment pay for something (like food, medical care, water...)for its own people for once.

Unfortunately, no one is. Khartoum villas continue to flourish though, and I hear there is now an actual ATM cash machine in Afra Center. I suppose all of that cash must be accumulating somewhere - all I can report is that none of it seems to be making it to Darfur. Funny that.


At , Blogger sands of sudan said...

just looking out the window will leave you pondering at how such paradox can have actaual being or reality....people talk about how much oil is being produced...have lengthly conversations about how the oul will change everthing....well, maybe there is truth in that. but its not very evidant to the people who still cant get accsess to the basic medical care that should be a right for everyone...yeh sure in ten years it will be better than today..just as it is better today than 6 years ago..yeah ,believe it or not they have come quite a way from takes time..sadly thats how progress is made in sudan(veeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly)if at all..but to those that will lose a loved one today from lack of adiquate living conditions,what do they have to take solace in???...but to many ,,thats life as they know it..


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