Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today the Sudanese President Al Bashir is meeting with his bigwigs in Khartoum to discuss the new government appointments for ministerial posts at federal and state level. With somewhat desperate optimism about the future of this new government, I'm always asking people what will happen, what we can expect over the coming weeks, which changes one might hope for - but the only consistent response I get is one of weary uncertainty. While they are also hopeful, the Sudanese are clearly not quite as earnest and naive as I am in dealing with the subject.

Jokes and sarcasm seem to be one of the more popular ways of coping with cynicism and suspicion. Since they probably give a better reflection of people's perceptions of the new national unity government than anything I could come up with, I thought I’d share this particularly bad one I hear from one of our drivers this morning:

President Al Bashir calls up Salva Kiir and says: "Now that Garang has tragically died, would you like to be my new Vice-President? I want you to come to Khartoum and take over his position as soon as possible. I will send a plane to come and collect you."

Salva Kiir says: "Alright, I can be your Vice-President. I will come to Khartoum and take up the job. But don't worry about the plane, I prefer to take my bicycle."

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At , Blogger Shahzada Sher Saddozai said...

Dear Sleepless .SalamAlaikum . In the wide spectrum of life that we inherit especially in Muslim Regions which are enviro[n]mentally more superior over the world because of the righteousness that accompanies the life and works of the inhabitants in this behalf. The pain and suffering we encounter reminds us of the good times we had because then we are also using a fere ride as we will InShahAllah again return here in another space and time or same space and time and looks and story!
The Civil War and suffering that Sudan is bearing is a fallout of natural series of rulers asceeding one after another,the full story is available ..regimes what i call them for? and why the Bureaucrats and Press who arn't owning up and adding pressure/strength instead of reviewing sympathetically ,just as Brother Musa's grievience increases and Brother Ahmed Bashirs resistance and call for reason increases harshness at levels where the Press and Bearuacrats use Intrnational Connections at 12/22 K and the 'footgraggers' [loafers] from Rueter or BBC hanging around YCMAs .The Local Citizens are real losers then? While the rural take everyboth harshness famine and war refugees? You are a Aid Worker and you can tell that still the Foriegn Agencies and Banks are using a card to exploit Africans in name of Poverty and Lesser Culture in Western Circles and even punish Africa for the push after 1993 End of USA USSR Cold wars where senior Western Europeanised Partners like Turkey and Pakistan did not move up and take charges of Information Broadcasting and International Money Channelling and Affairs of Social Personal Property Etc and The New West Central Asian Nations faced a oblivion part trivial while Western Book Sellers and Publishers stole charges over thier history and culture and tourism information and finally CIA or George BUSH or in thier name someone blocked the complete Oil Pipeline affair of Kazakistan and installed a war at AzerbaiJan and then USA landed thier fighting Saudi Rebels and took over nine countries in the region. [ Kazakistan Pipeline that has been blocked from taking pipeline to Europe through Turkey.]which has more oil deposit than Saudi Arabia or rest world when it comes to the union of Central Asia.
Dear Sleepy .I personally regard your sacrifice and believe that Darfur has no Radio TV facility yet to complencate a full business day with UNO or interpret the day to day Government of World but the minister wants money like a king.. You must discuss affairs of Telephone and Fax and Westen Union Money Wire etc..and Banking whether Africa is allowed direct free channelling of its own funds or a European has to intermediate because already UNO could give you a Western Effect and we have to respect that and also respect this as what is the Western Effect expecting us to do and with what!
So when we have taken the world we will make peace or things will worsen only.. The Westen OCCIDENTAL world is running and OURS has to begin out from the subservient bureacrats who SHOULD start believing by now! Pakistan,Nigerea,Tanzania could not help African Process as because yet the milky spoon is wet in thier mouths.. AFRICA! AFRICA!
Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Technologist and World Statesman.

At , Blogger Shahzada Sher Saddozai said...

The AFRICAN NATIONAL CONFERENCE is needed as Regional placement of The Conditions of Sudan do not match Nigerea and Tanzania who only want money out from Intrnational Agencies. I can guarantee Bro Abbasino to visit Paris and Announce 'Democratisation 'use my referall and invite me infact im sitting online and his Islamabad Amabassador is an able person who have already visited this city with few other Dignitaries . But Sudan Somalia rank differently and more with Western African Summit .........Africa! Africa!
Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Technologist World Statesman..


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