Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The rains have come back with a vengeance in some parts of Darfur so not much time to write...

I was intrigued to hear about the problems that aid workers in another part of the country are having though: a friend of mine in Khartoum tells me today that the police has been going around in the camps where South Sudanese displaced communities live, arresting anyone who owns a bed, a mattress, or anything else of any value. The argument is that these people are usually poor, and that any possession out of the ordinary would almost certainly have been looted during the riots earlier this month.

Some of the arrests have unfortunately included national staff members of international NGOs in Khartoum, who are starting to get just a little annoyed by it all.

For once, I thank my lucky stars that the problems I am trying to tackle today are not political but just linked to overflowing rivers, health risks and water supply. Will write more about how I'm getting on with that tomorrow.


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