Sunday, August 14, 2005

My mind is feeling a bit useless today, so thought I would post some useless pieces of Darfur trivia on this blog.

So, did you know that...

...the most frequently used word in an aid worker's vocabulary is 'ok', at least according to the kids in the IDP camps who shout the word incessantly at any khawaja? (I'm actually more inclined to believe it's 'inshallah', meaning 'God willing', as in 'god willing my flight will leave on time/at all', or 'god willing, power will come back later' - but who am I to doubt the kids? )

...plastic water bottles make fantastic homes for satellite telephones if you cut a little pocket into them and hang them up by a piece of string? (the good ones are even rain-proof)

...boomerangs in South Darfur are almost twice as big as boomerangs in North Darfur? (Just in case you were wondering, boomerangs are used in Darfur to hunt rabbits. I have yet to see a rabbit here, but my sources swear they exist. When I asked if rabbits in South Darfur were also twice as big as rabbits in North, I just got strange looks though...)

...camels will not walk across any area of vegetation that has been burnt? (Apparently the soles of their feet are too sensitive.)

...the rumour about the oh-so-hot French man in Darfur is really just a rumour (and trust me, I have rarely seen so many clever, enthusiastic females do as much research on an issue as on this one)? There is some indication that a similar rumour is now resurfacing about a hunky Swedish man, but until he materialises, I'm afraid there still isn't anyone, er anything to do in Darfur on those long, lazy Fridays. I dread to think of what will happen once we have all finished 'War and Peace'.

Time to go home now I think - before my mind becomes even more useless...

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At , Blogger Devon Whittle said...

loved the boomerang/rabbit comment. :)

great work on this blog btw, I think it aid agencies should be really encouraging this sort of reporting.

I do a bit of webhosting, so if there's anything in that regard I can help you with (domain name, webspace, etc), I'd be more then happy to.

thanks again, my prayers are with you and everyone in Darfur.


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