Thursday, August 25, 2005

Correction. I did find something to smile about today - at least in that really-funny-even-though-it's-actually-kind-of-sad way.

This morning, I read in an incident report of a highway (ok ok, more like dirt road) robbery:

"Two armed youths stopped the [NGO] car on top of the hill after the wadi. An adult man on a camel, armed and in uniform, then appeared and checked the waybill. They took 28 plastic sheets then let the truck continue on its way."

Glad to hear that the camels of Darfur are finally being armed too...

When I forward this little snippet to my friend, I get the following response:

"HAH, that's nothing. The security report on my desk this morning says:

"Four-armed men knocked at the door of the [NGO] compound and told the guard to open. They stayed for 15 minutes knocking on the door, then left when guard refused to open."

Bet your uniformed camel didn't have four arms!"

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