Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here's how the United Nations is reporting on the events I described in yesterday's post on the military scale-up in El Fasher:

"On 24 Sept, the town of El Fasher witnessed a military show of force as SAF troops armed with RPGs, AK-47 and 50 cal. machine guns and moving in large trucks, land cruisers, armored scout vehicles and T55 tanks paraded through El Fasher to Abu Shouk IDP camp. The parade ended with a drive-by salute for the Wali [the governor of North Darfur] and military commanders near the Wali’s house. The Wali announced the activation and full implementation of the Emergency Act, which gives full authority to the military and police forces to maintain the security and sovereignty of the state. He also told the armed forces that they should be ready to protect the state and civilians against any rebel attacks."

"Full authority to the military"?!? Still not feeling confident...

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At , Blogger Darcie Allen said...

I just discovered your blog. Totally fascinating. I'm a graduate student in DC studying conflict management blahblahblah. I'm bored with myself tonight. Anyway, I sent your blog link along to a teacher of mine who has done a lot of work with displaced populations throughout her long career. She teaches an intro class to humanitarian emergencies including the "humanity" of aid workers and the draining and stressful nature of relief work. Most shiny-eyed idealists Stateside (myself included, alas) have no idea what it means to be in your situation. I think Dr. Martin is doing her best to warn us, prepare us...but we just take notes and nod. So, that's why I suggested she have her class read your blog. So they can get real. Not discouraged, just real. I'm subscribed so I'll see you around.


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