Sunday, July 17, 2005

Only a couple of weeks into the rainy season, and it's already becoming increasingly hard to get around. Since I'm stuck in the office for most of the day I phone a few of my colleagues in other locations and hear that people in El Geneina (West Darfur) are now using canoes to get to the market.

Even in Khartoum the streets were flooded knee-high last Wednesday and the city was transformed into a veritable African Venice (apparently half of the taxis and tuc-tucs broke down and created a massive underwater traffic jam).

The mosquitos are getting vicious and all the aid workers have suddenly become vigilant about taking their malaria tablets now that we are seeing more and more new cases break out in the camps every day.

The children are the worst because they are already weak and often malnourished, their little bodies are just completely overstretched. Most are eerily quiet despite their obvious discomfort, and it pains me to think that maybe they just don't know anything different. Having lived in the camps for more than two years now, they are growing up to think that this is a normal state of being, a regular part of life.

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