Sunday, July 10, 2005

You just can't make stuff like this up: today our local staff tell me that there are gorillas attacking people near the Chadian border.

Convinced that there must be some mistake in the translation (and immediately suspicious of some much more sinister activity) I ask them to repeat their news. No, gorillas it is. Yes, as in large, furry primates. My raised eyebrows only illicit even more vehement assurances, and more people join in with their hair-raising tales and tidbits.

Of course there are gorillas in Darfur! They have crossed the border from Chad and are attacking women and babies! They are fierce. And HUGE.

My jokes about how clever they must be to sneak past the passport officials are met with looks of derision. Clearly, this khawajia must be completely off her rocker not to take such a dangerous threat more seriously. Since I wouldn't want anyone to accuse me of not sharing security information, I do my best to spread the word over the rest of the afternoon.

Aid workers in West Darfur - consider yourselves warned!

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At , Anonymous Anonymous said...

gorillas?! Are you serious!?

This is crazy.

And yet the world still doesn't give a damn. Sorry Darfurians - in the words of Nick Nolte in the movie "Hotel Rwanda" - "you're not even niggers; you're Africans".

Your lives are apparently expendable.

I have to stop level of frustration is nearing its peak -

worldwide apathy sucks


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