Friday, December 09, 2005

An excellent article on IRIN gives a flavour of Darfur's current lawlessness (and the increased level of disgust that aid agency officials are publicly expressing about it): fresh clashes, attacks on towns and villages, destruction of desperately needed crops and wells, aid workers with guns pointed in their faces.

Finger-pointing has become almost meaningless in this context - no one with a gun is free from blame, whether it's the rebels, the government army, the police, or just random groups of thugs and bandits. The only consistency to the pattern is the fact that's it affecting all of Darfur - every single state has its own mess on its hands this month.

The violence has also been creeping from the countryside back into the towns. In El Geneina, the state capital of West Darfur, two NGO guest houses have received night time visits from gun-toting bandits over the past 48 hours, and the fresh fighting around Um Gunya (an SLA stronghold just south of Nyala) could be heard loud and clear even in Kalma camp.

Despite the fact that the peace talks in Abuja have not yet collapsed, there's a new sense of doom and gloom on the ground. Pessimism and dispair are the order of the day - no one inside the camps thinks they will be going home anytime soon, and the frustration is palpable.

I'm glad to see that The Economist has published a front page article on Sudan this week, since this somehow always makes people in government offices sit up and take notice. Hopefully, they'll be taking the advice that the article gives - which includes more support to the African Union to keep the peace, and generally "kicking up more of a fuss" politically. Wise words.


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At , Blogger Martin said...

Hi. Another great post, thanks. The IRIN link isn't working for me at the moment, but the article is also here.

At , Blogger Larryw said...

Dear Sleepless, I am an attorney. I don't have guns. My weapons are lawsuits. Along those lines, I was wondering if anyone has thought about suing the Sudanese government for damages in a foreign court. I guess I will Google around and see what I can find and consult some colleagues to see whether there is any chance of initiating some highly embarrassing lawsuits against the Sudanese government.

At , Blogger Chuck in Ohio said...

Thank you for your insight. I found your writtings very interesting. Stay safe and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

At , Blogger mighiel2 said...

Hi there I know what you talking about. I am also currently in Darfur.Difficult enviroment to work in but there is also alot of people depending on the peace forces in the Darfur to make a difference.


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