Sunday, June 26, 2005

Being surrounded by other aid workers does give you a certain sense of camaraderie, but just in case Big Brother left any doubts in your mind as to whether or not people who spend 24 hrs a day together go completely nuts, any aid agency guest house here in Sudan will confirm it.

Even the most reserved and docile colleagues have somehow turned into sexual predators: sex is on everyone's mind, particularly on those eagerly-awaited Thursday nights where home-made Janjaweed Juice quickly rids people of even their final social inhibitions.

Like everyone else, I join the hunt for fresh flesh and eagerly scan each new face – or even a new voice on the phone (!) - for some semblance of sexual chemistry. I rejoice in ecstasy any time I find my stomach doing little flip-flops along the 'yes, you'll do just fine' lines. Of course, half of the time the stomach-churning feeling simply turns out to be indigestion, but it's kind of exciting nonetheless....

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At , Blogger Tom Luby said...

The guest house sounds like any Irish bar on a Friday night. Although usually its mostly males in the sexual predator role, but not exclusively.

Sounds like you are living on your nerves and seeking release where you find it, which is of course TOTALLY normal.

I am sure you wont remain "extremely single" upon your return home.

At , Blogger Vasco Pyjama said...

Hmmmm... have you read Emergency Sex and Other Desparate Measures?

At , Blogger Vasco Pyjama said...

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